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Fifteenth Air Force against the Axis


A reference of this magnitude and detail undoubtedly contains some errors and omissions. The revisions listed below apply to the first 250 copies printed. They have been incorporated into the second printing, available in early 2015, which can be recognized by the vastly improved print quality. An Errata Page for the first 250 copies can be downloaded as pdf file here.

Page 12, line 3: “…intense, accurate, flak.” should add  “Encountering enemy aircraft, they shot one down, later confirmed.

Page 22, line 22:  should read  “…destroyed, one later confirmed.”

Page 23, line 6: should read “….and claimed four destroyed with all confirmed…”

Page 28, line 38: “…and three probables” should add “,while the escort claimed three destroyed, all later confirmed.”

Page 29, line: should read “...later confirmed. The 2nd Bomb Group lost three B-17s and four P-38s...”

Page 52, line 3: should read “…more, with four later confirmed.”

Page 99, line 32: should read “…and one probable, with four later confirmed.”

Page 100, line 27: should read “The escort claimed eleven destroyed and three probables.”

Page 115, line 22: “…destroyed on the ground” should add “, and one in the air.”

Page 117, line 42 to 118, line 1: should read:” The 14th claimed one on the return flight, later confirmed, …”

Page 121, line 16: should read: “…the airfield, and the 14th shot down…”

Page 161, line 3: should read “…, claiming two destroyed and one probable, with one later confirmed.”

Page 166, line 24: should read “…and claimed twelve destroyed and two damaged, all later confirmed”

Page 172, lines 31-2:  “…claiming seven enemy fighters destroyed and five probables, with six eventually confirmed…”

Page 179, lines 11-12: should read “Total fighter claims were four destroyed, with three confirmed to the 52nd and one to the 31st. “

Page 200, line 22: should read “… received confirmation for three. The Lightnings claimed two destroyed in the air, later confirmed, …”

Page 212, line 39: “The 325th also lost a Mustang” should add:  “,but claimed four destroyed, all later confirmed.”

Page 234, line 16: should read” …behind Russian lines, the 460th  three, and the 485th two.“

Page 242, line 5: should read “…near Venice as destroyed, receiving confirmation for one.”

Page 252, line 38: should read “…two HE 111s, receiving credit for all four…”

Page 255, lines 33-34: should read “Five Liberators also went down during the mission: two from the 455th,…”

Page 256, line 8: should read “…185 P-51s from the 306th Fighter…”

Page 263, line 7: should add. “…twenty locomotives. The 82nd shot down a P-51 captured by the Germans, later confirmed.”

Page 268, line 23: should read “The 52nd Fighter Group…”

Page 272, line 5: should read “…probable, with four later confirmed.”

Page 304, line 19: should read “…and the 14th Fighter Groups and 171 P-51s from the 306th Fighter Wing, …”

Page 350, line 21: “…325th lost a Mustang.” should add: “The 52nd Fighter Group encountered a dozen enemy fighters, claiming three, with two later confirmed.”

Page 351, line 23: “…109s and five FW 190s, claiming five as destroyed.”

Page 366, line 13: should read “The fighter escort claimed three destroyed, with two confirmed to the 14th and one to the 31st.

Page 385, line 35: should read “…crew abandoned the aircraft near Switzerland.”

Page 398, lines 39-40, should move to page 399, line 31 (April 26): “In one of the last Fifteenth Air Force dogfights, six 332nd Mustangs tangled with five Me 109s while escorting a photo reconnaissance mission. They claimed four destroyed with three later confirmed.”



Linz - 8 Jan 45_resize

5th Bomb Wing Fortresses on the way to bomb Linz, Austria, January 8, 1945.

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